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First Time Visiting a Brothel?

When visiting TRDS for the first time, you may be a little nervous. But, we are sure this will soon pass. We have a safe, discreet and friendly environment and our ladies are experienced professionals in the art of seduction.


Upon arrival, you will find off-street private parking, you will ring our front doorbell and reception will buzz you inside and our friendly receptionist will lead you to our intro room.

Intro Room

You can sit, relax while watching our inhouse video promo and wait briefly for our beautiful ladies to come and introduce themselves; they will visit you one at a time. You can ask any questions you like during intro about fantasy, positions, your desires and which services does each lady provide. Most ladies will offer a deluxe service or Girlfriend Experience (GFE) which attracts an extra fee (this fee can vary and is at the discretion of the lady). A GFE really means an extra sensual booking experience that mimics the interaction couples may have. It will usually include massage, some foreplay, oral (on you), oral (on her) and sex in multiple positions. Some of our ladies will even allow kissing but it is best to ask first during intro. A standard booking typically includes oral sex (on you) and intercourse. It is important to remember that all sex services are protected and condoms are mandatory.

Choosing Your Lady

Once you have met our ladies, our receptionists will ask you with whom you would like to spend your time and which booking length you prefer. Bookings are 30, 45, 60 minutes with options to extend and payment is made on the spot. Your chosen lady will come to the intro area and escort you upstairs to one of our rooms. You will always be asked to shower in the room and the lady will give you 5 minutes to do so. Your booking time begins when your shower ends, and all that is left to do is get down to business. If you are a little bit shy, it is perfectly fine to let our ladies take the lead, and it is okay to let them know it is your first time. Our beautiful ladies know how to show you a good time and this is their opportunity to turn you into a regular customer.

One thing to note, our ladies love a gentleman. If you treat our ladies with respect, you will always have a good time.

Stunning Ladies

The Red Door features the most attractive and stylish ladies you could ever wish to meet. All our ladies are dedicated to ensuring that your experience is one of complete personal satisfaction.

TRDS Double Bookings

Double Bookings are available and you may negotiate with the ladies of your choosing. Most of our ladies are happy to provide a double booking (but not all). The ladies may charge a fantasy fee on top of the standard rates however this depends on the gentleman’s desires. Options include the following.

Straight Double

Straight Double includes 2 x ladies of your choosing interacting with you.

Bi – Double

Bi-Double includes 2 x ladies of your choosing with girl on girl interaction.

What If I Don’t Like Condoms?

When asking one of our ladies to provide services without a condom, you are actually insulting them and the industry in general. A ladies wellbeing, and of course your own is important and for the sake of everyone condoms are always necessary. Asking a lady for unprotected oral sex or intercourse is a mood killer and a turn off. At TRDS we always insist on wearing protection and provide condoms for all bookings. Sit back, relax and enjoy the company of one of our gorgeous ladies and remember that asking a lady for unprotected sex is essentially asking her to endanger her entire career, health and wellbeing.

Our Ladies Love A Gentleman

We can tell you for a fact, there is nothing our ladies like more than a true gentleman.

Are You Clean? Good, We Will Get Dirty

Soap Is Your Friend

Ladies just love a super-clean body and why wouldn’t they? To get the most out of a booking, we recommend trimming your nails, washing your nether regions with lots and lots of soap and we know our ladies will thank you for it. Let’s be honest, it never hurts to smell nice.

Keeping Your Man Zone Neat

Let’s face it gentleman, a bushy overgrown scourer of a pubic region does not entice the adventurous side of a woman; and our ladies are no different, therefore, the cleaner you keep your man zone, the dirtier our ladies are likely to get.

Memberships: Is My Personal Information Safe?

A TRDS Membership only requires a nickname and your email address. For this small exchange we will send you the biggest brothel discounts and member perks in Melbourne. You can see our recent, unbeatable member offers by visiting our TRDS news page.

How We Protect Your Privacy

If you sign up as a TRDS Member, you will never receive a greeting from us that uses your name specifically; we go to great lengths to provide you with plausible deniability and your privacy and discretion is paramount. You can easily unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the unsubscribe link in the footer of our emails. If you are concerned about partners, family or friends discovering an email, we recommend using a separate email address that only you access. We do politely request that any of our members choosing to unsubscribe, do not tick the box that says “I never subscribed to TRDS Members” as this may encumber our future deliverability to you in the event you sign up again.

What Are The Different Services Available?

We invite you to come down and spend time with one of our ladies to chat, enjoy company, or request only oral sex. Our ladies will discuss with you what they are willing to provide during intro. Please remember that our ladies time is valuable regardless of the services being provided and the price for a 30, 45 or 60 minute booking will remain the same. If you would like massage with happy ending, oral sex, or intercourse the booking prices will not fluctuate.

Special Requests

Special requests are welcomed and again, are at the discretion of the lady, a special request will usually attract a deluxe/extras fee. If you have further questions, do not hesitate to reach out to our lovely receptionists who are always happy to answer your questions. Call (03) 9782 5866

Special Requests

Special requests are welcomed and again, are at the discretion of the lady, a special request will usually attract a deluxe/extras fee. If you have further questions, do not hesitate to reach out to our lovely receptionists who are always happy to answer your questions. Call (03) 9782 5866

Your special requests can be discussed wioth the ladies during intro. Broach the topic politely and the lady will be happy to respond with a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’. Again, if you are unsure, speak to reception first.

Making A Booking

We recommend using the online roster and booking system. You can also call reception to make your booking on 9782 5866. If your favourite lady has a future availability, you can book in advance. Please note: Advance bookings require at least 1 prior visit with the lady. If you have more questions about bookings, please call (03) 9782 5866

Advanced Bookings

Advance bookings are available for existing customers only, meaning if you have spent time with the lady before, you are welcome to book in advance. If you have not met the lady before, please come in and spend time with the lady and you are welcome to book in advance next time.

Do TRDS Ladies Perform Health Checks?

While most STI’s can be treated these days, our beautiful ladies must protect their health. A service provider is unable to work in the event they contract an infection which means they are unable to earn an income. Obviously we like to protect our ladies but it is also in our clients’ best interest that these checks are carried out.

Health checks are not designed to cause embarrassment and shouldn’t cause offense. It is a simple procedure to ensure the wellbeing of all parties.

Is there an age restriction when visiting TRDS?

To visit our establishment you must be 18+ years of age. If we suspect you are under the age of 25, we will ask for ID.

Why Should I Choose A Legal Brothel?

The Red Door Seaford: SWA7590B is a fully licensed and legal brothel. This means you are not in danger of being arrested and furthermore, you’re health isn’t at risk as it might be in an illegal massage parlour or rub & tug venue. Whilst you may pay a little bit more to visit a legal establishment, our ladies present for regular health checks, they take great care of themselves and you can rely on laundered towels, bedding and safe facilities. All of our ladies are professional sex work providers. Illegal venues (rub and tugs) also rely on heavily on convincing you to spend more by charging for a lot of extras as you proceed through your time. Nude massage, touching and lots of little costs are revealed slowly and can end up costing a lot more.

Sexual Slavery & Exploitation

If the listed reasons above are not persuasive enough, a legal establishment such as Red Door Seaford does not contribute to sexual slavery and/or abuse of women. The ladies who provide sex services out of our venue choose to do so and seek us out for our reputation and our safe working practices. By choosing illegal venues, you may, albeit unintentionally be promoting sexual slavery and/or trafficking. What you may not know, is that unfortunately up to as many as 3 million women are sexually exploited each year. All women of overseas origin are checked on the government Vevo website to ensure they have a working Visa and are in the country legally.

Why We Are Different

By choosing a legal brothel that pays taxes and license fees, promotes the sexual health of women in the industry and adheres to the BLA, ATO, Strict Government Regulations and Department of Health & Human Services you are doing yourself a favour. Read more about Brothel Inspections, Licensing & Regulations


The Red Door Seaford’s pricing is ultra competitive and industry current. When combined with our membership offerings and discounted ‘doubles’, TRDS is hard to beat. Check out our full price list on our dedicated pricing page.

Are You A First Timer?

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Our goal at The Red Door Seaford is to make sure everyone who visits our class-leading establishment is not only comfortable, but has their sensual desires exceeded. If you have a question for us that isn’t answered above, please call (03) 9782 5866 and chat with one of our friendly receptionists/managers.

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