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Black   |   Petite  |  Mid 20's  |  Size: 8  |  Bust: B  |  Asian

Stunning young Filipino temptress, mid 20’s slim size 8, beautiful face with long dark hair. Warm natures provides GFE. Will be popular!

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 9 reviews
 by Max

Man, this is the first time Im writing a review for a girl. Erase that. A WOMAN. I just have to. And to tell you honestly, 5 stars are not enough to match what she did to me. Yesterday, I left my office feeling defeated because of an unexpected rejection. That’s despite me pulling a series of all-nighters just to make sure my presentation is spotless. I didn’t want to go home carrying all the weight of such a cruel day. I thought I needed to let it out. I needed a release figuratively and literally. Searched for the website. Spot this hot and interesting chick. Convinced by the reviews, but little did I know that they didn't do justice to the exceptional experience that awaited me.

From the moment we met, she looked me in the eye and right there and then, she gave me the most comforting hug I could ever ask for at that moment. It was weird, but it wasn’t. Then she asked me about my day and I was 100% honest with a stranger there. MY FIRST RELEASE THAT NIGHT. Phew! Her ability to connect on a deeper level and provide the emotional release I needed went beyond my expectations.

Despite the initial skepticism stemming from a challenging day, she managed to create an atmosphere that allowed me to let go of the weight I was carrying. It was easier to do it because of her genuine interest in understanding my struggles.

After that, I was already hesitant to proceed to the sex part, thinking I made myself too vulnerable to her. But I guess she really is that sensitive to make me feel like a man again. So there I was, feeling like a king again on top of a queen who would not stop moaning! MY SECOND RELEASE. LOL. She was so damn hot!

But in the end, it was not just about the physical connection, but the emotional connection that made the experience unforgettable. This woman is a gem, and five stars do not adequately reflect the impact she had on turning my day around. If you're looking for more than just a superficial encounter, she is the one to choose. Thanks for an unforgettable night, Nikki!

 by Rain
U don't wanna miss on this spunk

I had an incredible experience with Nilkki – she made me feel comfortable from the moment we met. Her warmth and sexiness allowed me to enjoy and cherish the unforgettable sexperience. I get hard whenever I think about her. I couldn't have asked for a better lass. 10/10! I'm gonna keep cumming back for more.

 by Thomas

Damn! Damn! This woman! I never really make this kind of review but.. she’s different! She really is something! Beyond exceptional!

The moment I entered the room and saw her, I felt really comfortable. She's very accommodating and communicated well. She also showed high regard for me throughout the whole session. Not one dull moment, esp when she would be intimate and sweet towards me. And then we went rough! FIRE! She made me feel like his king from start to finish. She was really engaged! I could still hear her moans in my head ryt now! Lol! Her tats are hot on her sexy brown skin! Those hips! My tongue is kinda tired ryt now because I could not stop kissing her whole body! The experience was memorable and would definitely repeat it!

 by Mico Christian
Quality Service

Nikki gave the unforgettable experience to me. I'm just looking for companionship but she gave me a friend. She's good in making conversation and in everything she can do with her mouth (THE BEST!) I'm so comfortable with her talking about my everyday life. I'm excited to see her again because everyday I remember her in my top, looking at my eyes, moaning and made me ...

 by Chris Go

Pleasure and fun combined. Can’t get this hottie out of my mind.

 by Paul
Real deal!

I had the pleasure of spending some time with Nikki recently, I’ve always had a thing for Filipino women, but never had the opportunity. Nikki was everything I had hoped for and then some, paid for the deluxe service and it was the perfect gfe.
Hot, tasty and gorgeous. Thanks Nikki!

 by Len
Passion & satisfaction

I was so lucky to experience and enjoy such a complete sexual time with Nikki. So giving and responsive and just wants to make you happy. Will be back soon for more of the best 😛😛👄Lenny

 by Jack
What more can I ask for

Definitely cumming back to see this girl again! Very passionate service and welcoming vibe. You don’t want to miss getting a taste of this beauty!

 by Hassan

I've been pretty much around the world traveling for work. Imagine the vast experience with all kinds of women in my pocket. But this woman, this Filipina... DAMN! When I said I wanted it wild, she gave it. When I asked for inttmacy, companionship, conversation... she delivered. But I went crazy when I let her in control! Been wanting to sched her again but she always seemed booked! Not surprised. So please, babe, if you're reading this... this is (using the pet name you gave me while you're on top of me) Mr. Bollywood... squeeze me in yuor busy schedule. My hands are shaking just typing this, hoping we'd be in the same room again!!