Legal Brothels Are Safer

Proudly Frankston & South East’s Melbourne’s Leading Legal and Licensed Adult Relaxation Establishment

Our Ladies

Why Choose TRDS?

Firstly, you are not in danger of being arrested and furthermore, your health isn’t at risk as it might be in an illegal massage parlour or rub & tug venue. Whilst you may pay a little bit more to visit a legal establishment, our ladies present for regular health checks, they take great care of themselves and you can rely on laundered towels, bedding and safe facilities. All of our ladies are professional sex work providers.

Discretion (Shh!)

The Red Door features not only the most attractive ladies in the industry, but they are professionals and discretion and privacy is paramount. Our sex work service providers value your privacy as much as their own and utilising a leading, legal establishment such as The Red Door Seaford further enforces your security & privacy.

We Pay Taxes

By choosing a legal brothel that pays taxes and license fees, promotes the sexual health of women in the industry and adheres to the BLA, ATO, Strict Government Regulations and Department of Health & Human Services, you can rest assured that you are in safe hands. All that is left to do is relax, and unwind. Read more about Brothel Inspections, Licensing & Regulations via the Consumer Affairs website.

What about sexual slavery?

If the listed reasons above are not persuasive enough, a legal establishment such as Red Door Seaford does not contribute to sexual slavery and/or abuse of women. The ladies who provide sex services out of our venue choose to do so and seek us out for our reputation and our safe working practices. By choosing illegal venues, you may, albeit unintentionally be promoting sexual slavery and/or trafficking. What you may not know, is that unfortunately up to as many as 3 million women are sexually exploited each year.

Why do legal brothels cost more?

It’s true, legal Melbourne brothels attract a higher price tag than illegal venues. But this is for good reason. Firstly, the ladies are paid well, they are paid daily & they are well looked after. Cleaners, taxes & license fees are paid by legal adult clubs too; which means more overheads. We ask you, wouldn’t you prefer to pay more if it means protecting your sexual health, your privacy & enjoying the knowledge that you are interacting with a consenting adult who enjoys her job? Don’t forget, we have an unbeatable membership here at TRDS for our regulars.