Brothel Prices


20 Mins


Room + Service

30 Mins


Room + Service

45 Mins


Room + Service

60 Mins


Room + Service

90 Mins


Room + Service

GFE / Deluxe Bookings May Attract Additional Fees

  • 20 minute full service for only $120

  • 30 minute full service for only $145

  • 45 minutes of pure indulgence for only $190

  • 60 luxurious minutes of ultimate seduction for only $240

  • 90 minutes of unbridled pleasure for only $350

Fee Structure

The fees above comprise two individual payments. A room rental fee paid to TRDS and a Service Provider fee paid directly to the lady as required by Law.

Service providers receive their individual service fee immediately for each booking. Please note Service Providers are self-employed, and they are responsible for their business operations.

Double Bookings

Double Bookings

(2 x ladies)

20 Mins (2 x ladies)


*Bi-Double May Attract Fee

30 Mins (2 x ladies)


*Bi-Double May Attract Fee

45 Mins (2 x ladies)


*Bi-Double May Attract Fee

60 Mins (2 x ladies)


*Bi-Double May Attract Fee

  • Please note Bi-double may attract deluxe (SP) fees

  • Deluxe fees are determined by the ladies

  • Prices shown are for 2 x ladies (standard booking)

EFTPOS facilities are available

TRDS provides safe EFTPOS facilities; your credit card statement will not display any references to the “The Red Door” or any other sexual references.

Simple payment options

For simplicity, the fees above combine both the room fee and service provider fee. Optional extras or deluxe bookings are between the client and the lady. See FAQ’s for more information.

Competitive rates

When looking for quality, look no further. The Red Door offers you the best service & quality ladies for your dollar. We offer luxurious rooms at very competitive rates.

Safe sex

The Red Door is a safe sex environment, requiring the use of condoms, for your pleasure, protection and for ours!