This guide is designed to help Victorian sex-workers looking for an establishment, make sound and informed decisions about where they would like to provide their services and which brothels offer the best experience for ladies

Disclaimer: This information is general in nature and our advice is only relevant to persons who have previously made the decision to work as, or are currently operating as a professional service provider (aka ‘SP’) or sex worker (aka ‘SW’).

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Have you ever considered broadening your horizons and looking for a new adult entertainment club to provide your services as a professional sex worker? It would seem that many of the existing sex workers in Melbourne become familiar with their current brothel and choose to ‘stay put’ out of convenience. While this article is in no way suggesting a change is always the best thing, if you could earn more, and be happier somewhere else, wouldn’t that at least be worth investigating?

Any well established brothel should be motivated to provide an incentive for ladies willing to try providing services from their establishment and be open to parting with a few extra dollars upon your completion of a few shifts.

Below we are listing some of the obvious, less obvious and even ‘often not considered’ traits of a licensed brothel that sex workers look for when brothel work locations.

What do you look for in a brothel?

Often, sex-workers wonder “What should I look for when choosing a brothel to work from?” or “How can I find out which brothels are best for sex workers?”. This list is a great place to start, and will also help sex-workers ask the right questions when chatting with owners from potential licensed brothels.

Let’s start with the obvious considerations:

  • Money (potential income)
  • Shift scheduling
  • Bonus earning / extras

But, what are some of the other important factors that may be less considered:

  • Marketing efforts
  • Online presence
  • Photoshoot opportunities
  • Social media presence
  • Owners / Managers
  • Online reviews
  • Google reviews
  • Attitude and vibe
  • Work/life balance
  • Freedom
  • Staff
  • Doors (does the place attract clients ?)

You may feel as though these things, or at least some of these things don’t affect you, however this is not true; these traits lend themselves to an establishments professionalism, which is important because this is what defines how you feel while working for a venue.

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What makes a venue a nice place to work?

Professionalism – when a place is professional and forward-thinking, the clients are also well behaved and typically of a higher calibre, not to mention, the ladies feel part of a real gentleman’s club as opposed to a brothel. Finding yourself in a position to receive free photoshoots and to be marketed online, on social media, and through email marketing and promotions can be very beneficial to you as a sex-worker and bring an extra element of class and sophistication to your day-to-day routine as a qualified sex worker.

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Are you important? Do you feel important when you are at work?

We think ladies should feel valued and appreciated, that is why we have sophisticated earning bonuses and market our ladies with passion and persistence. We provide an online forum for feedback and post updates on our in-house ladies screen that includes news, positive reviews received online and tips for earning more money.

-Above: The 4 slides shown are just a small sample of what is posted on our in-house display in our ladies lounge.

Online lady roster with detailed profiles.

Another indicator of a professional brothel are online rosters. A quality establishment will usually have an excellent roster system on their website with ladies information, real photos and filters for clients to find the ideal lady. Leading establishments spend money on marketing, web presence and quality social media content. We would advise sex workers to look closely at online rosters and portfolios.

-Above: The 3 slides shown are just a small sample of what a professional parlour’s roster should look like.

Sex work advice

If you are looking for advice relating to sex work or working in brothels, we are happy to answer your questions, please contact us here.