This guide is designed to help Victorian sex-workers looking for an establishment, make sound and informed decisions about where they would like to provide their services and which brothels offer the best experience for ladies

Disclaimer: This information is general in nature and our advice is only relevant to persons who have previously made the decision to work as, or are currently operating as a professional service provider (aka ‘SP’) or sex worker (aka ‘SW’).

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Man pays sexy woman for favours while laying on white bed - Sex Work Guide Melbourne

Have you ever considered broadening your horizons and looking for a new adult entertainment club to provide your services as a professional sex worker? It would seem that many of the existing sex workers in Melbourne become familiar with their current brothel and choose to ‘stay put’ out of convenience. While this article is in no way suggesting a change is always the best thing, if you could earn more, and be happier somewhere else, wouldn’t that at least be worth investigating?Read More